4 things I like about bloggers – WIDE BLOGGING

4 things I like about bloggers – WIDE BLOGGING

4 things I like about bloggers? As a Filmmaker/photographer I never thought that I would be a blogger too.

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As I joined blogging, I found other bloggers really interesting, In this article I would be sharing some things that I found interesting about bloggers!

things I like about bloggers
4 things I like about bloggers

Blogging is all about writing. A blogger is know for his writing on his website/wordpress or any other platform.

Susan valez is right now my favourite writer as she is explaining each and everything in such an easy way! I have been following Susan from a very long time.

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Every blogger starts with a different idea to entertain the readers, through which they make money.

More smart work, More income!

As a beginner, I noticed shoutmeloud as many recommended to visit this site.

I didn’t knew that this guy harsh Aggarwal was making money just by teaching people on SEO, blogging related topics!

harsh Aggarwal – owner of shoutmeloud



I have seen maximum bloggers teaching beginner and intermediate people.

You can completely trust a blogger and learn from him!

Most of them are available on social networking sites.

If you haven’t started with blogging, don’t hesitate JUST START!

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You will have to invest first, but we will help you with getting results !



As seen, bloggers help each other a lot!

From commenting till sharing the article of other bloggers.

Every blogger is also providing a platform “write for us” so that every one can take an initiative to write.


Hope you liked this article, Feel free to share! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “4 things I like about bloggers – WIDE BLOGGING

  1. Harsh Agarwal of ShoutMeLoud has influenced thousands of bloggers to create their own blog. And his blog is the best place where you can learn about blogging if you are new to this field.

  2. I’m really thankful that your site provides valuable information and when it comes about blogger it really inspires me and gives boosts too.
    In this post, you have mentioned about the most popular person in the blogging world and I just want to say that he is really a motivator with great intentions.

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