7 ways to promote your article and make money

7 ways to promote your article and make money

How are you guys using your social media? For entertainment purposes or to make money?

In this article, I would be telling you the 7 methods to promote article and make money

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promote article
7 ways to promote your article and make money



Facebook is one of the biggest social networking site. Hope you are having a Facebook page to share your article! If you are not having a page, create it right now.

One of the basic step is to promote article by sharing it in blogging groups

I’m right now in few “SEO blogging” groups, and I am sharing my articles on daily basis!

It is helping me to drive huge traffic as compared to my all over traffic.

Facebook is the best social networking site to promote our links!Click To Tweet



I am new to pinterst but still I am getting daily visitors from Pinterest, Pinterest is know as another search engine optimisation! To drive more traffic start joining “group boards

As a beginner, it is never easy to get into a group board! I will be writing a seperate article on Pinterest !

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Followers never matter in twitter, but engagement does! To get more people to your tweet, starting adding trendy hashtags.

Start retweeting tweets related to your topic and tag the person!



Are you using linkedin, using linkedin may give you a job or freelance work easily, I have been sharing my every article on this site, noticed a lot of seniors are engaged in linkedin!



Most used site by youngster, You have only one option to promote your article i.e. adding your website link in bio! If you are having active followers on Instagram, then do add the link in bio and update your story!

promote article
                                                                      source : google



You can also invest money to make more money! This needs to be done in a systematic way, so that your investment doesn’t gets waste.


6. SEO

Promotion on google can be done through keyword analysis.

Adwords is to be used for google search engine.



Do you know? Many people are making a lot of money through social media ads but the thing is you should be a professional before spending so much.

Start with the minimum, it will help you to learn!

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