Best 3 simple ways for a blog success

Best 3 simple ways for a blog success

Best 3 simple ways for a blog success?

check out one of the the successful blog : shoutmeloud


1. Consistency is the key to success 

Well, if you are not consistent with your blog, you will never get constant visitors for your site. You need to maintain a routine that cannot disturb your blog success.


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Even if you are writing one article a week, you need to be consistent for years with an article every week!

Shoutmeloud ( harsh Aggarwal ) 

A guy who started his blog named shoutmeloud in 2008 and has been recently covered by

Harsh posts his every month income, last month he made more than $50,000 through his work.

Yes, harsh worked consistently and smartly to make his blog a success.

blog success
harsh working on his Mac!

2. Learn everyday

We human beings are forever students, we never stop learning.

We all are learning something or the other every minute, so why not we utilities our time in learning things from our mentors.


blog success
Motivational image

Our teachers/ mentors can help us with this, I prefer reading shoutmeloud’s article everyday so that I can learn something from him.

Time management is must while doing all these tasks for a blog success.


3. Spend less, invest more!

People start making money easily with their website but they doing one thing wrong, they never re-invest their money into business/website.

How to overcome this issue?

How much should we save?

Best investment alternative ?


blog success
                                   stop spending your earned money and start investing


Money you earned as a beginner should not be wasted on your daily needs, infact you need to think that what will be the right business to invest in.

You should save atleast 40% of your earning so that you can invest, rest it depends what you are making.

Being a blogger, I would suggest you to invest in SEO tools.

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