How blogging is a good source of passive income?

How blogging is a good source of passive income?

When I started blogging, I never thought that blogging can also make me generate so much money.

In this article, I would be talking about how blogging is a good source of  passive income?


First of all, let me tell you that apart from hard work and smart work, your writing matters i.e how you are writing your articles! (content marketing)

blogging passive income
Many kinds of marketing leads to a blog success

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Your work should be managed in such a way that the reader can understand each and every thing in your word limit.

Now, let’s talk about how blogging can be a good source of passive income.



Through adsense/affiliate marketing? YES.

You must be like “Pranav I already know about this”.

If you know, then why don’t you start your blog? or why don’t you start working consistently with your blog?

Making passive through has been tough, like I told, be consistent and the world will appreciate your blog.

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Now, lets talk about few more points about “blogging as a good source of passive income



People like harsh Aggarwal are making a lot of passive income every month with their blog called shout me loud!

Blogging Is the perfect option for “work from home”

blogging passive income
You have that ability, start right now.



You are always teaching your readers, and just because of them you are Able to make passive income!


I don’t always write article and but still I am making money, sometimes I hire people for my blog too.

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