email marketing for a successful blog

email marketing for a successful blog

email marketing for a successful blog?

In my last article, I talked about how to start a successful blog and take few steps to gain more traffic.

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Before talking about email marketing, lets know why and how email marketing is important.

Why email marketing

You have certain amount of subscribers for your blog, let’s consider you have 50 subscribers for your blog. They came to your blog and got impressed by your articles and joined newsletter. Now we know, if you are good at something, you should not do it for free! You have that one opportunity to make Money with email marketing via newsletter.

email marketing successful blog
why and how to start with email marketing

How email marketing

Are you having subscribers right now or you don’t know how to start with it?

If you don’t know, just open your WordPress account and add a new plugin ‘jetpack’

jetpack is one of the coolest plugin showing you, your page visits.

Now go to your widget and add blog subscriptions (jetpack)Β to your sidebar.

customise this widget accordingly.

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Now, we know basic about this but don’t know the next step.

The very next step is choosing your service through which you would be sending mails to your subscribers! I suggest everyone for convertkit

convertkit provides you simple text based mails, easy filter audience and many more things

Start with convertkit today with one month free subscription!

Yes, convertkit is also providing you one month free subscription

This is not the end, after joining you have a lot of things to learn about email marketing

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Invest your maximum time while starting with email marketing in learning!

Thats it for today, hope you were able to understand why and how about email marketing!


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  1. Thank you for this article.
    you have explained each and every point in detail as why blogging is the best source of income.
    Thank you

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