Sharing article on social media? benefits and disadvantages

Sharing article on social media? benefits and disadvantages

What is social media sharing?

Social media sharing refers to posting article’s link into sites like Facebook, twitter etc to drive more traffic.


I am writing articles from over 3 months on my blog Your camworld,

and I never forget to share my article on social media. Do you share?

Well, if you are not sharing your articles on social networking sites, then you are making a huge mistake.



How is it helpful? well, if your content is not seo friendly, still you can drive a huge amount of traffic.

social media sharing
Use all the social networking sites for sharing your article

From start, you never get traffic through search engines. How I started traffic through social media and how much?



Well if you check out my Facebook page, you will see that this is not the source from where I am getting traffic. One of the best methods is to get into Facebook pages and start sharing your article. You can easily drive 100-200 daily through it.


Hashtag is one of the coolest feature available in twitter, agree?

Apart from it I’m using ManageFlitter to get more impressions for my article, it includes many cool features like Unfollowers, inbox etc.


Have you started using Pinterest? people are driving a lot of traffic from Pinterest.

Learn to use Pinterest through youtube and don’t forget to share your articles on Pinterest.

social media sharing
Simple and easy to do marketing.

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There are many social networking sites from where you can manage your traffic for your site. ( linkedin, snapchat, Instagram and many more that I haven’t mentioned in my article ).


Disadvantages of social media sharing

Sharing has never been a bad option, from my side I don’t see any disadvantages of sharing on social media.

But yes, sharing continuously would decrease our impressions. So sharing should be done after intervals only.

Thankyou for spending time on Wide blogging, keep sharing 🙂




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