How to start with a new successful blog

How to start with a new successful blog

In my previous article, I talked about how blogging is a good source of passive income?

You might be satisfied somehow and want to start successful blog from start but don’t know what do!


In this article, I would be teaching you each and everything that needs to be done to start.




  1. Bluehost

Providing you the best web hosting with $3.95/month

Bluehost is one of the common hosting available right now, they provide you 50gb when you start! (with free domain name for one year)


2.  Inmotion hosting

Inmotion has the best customer care support and that is why I love inmotion!

Inmotion services start from $3.49/month. (with free domain name)



Bluehost and in motion both are the most trusted hosting in the market available right now.

You can also go with HOSTGATOR providing you the cheapest hosting!

After getting started with your hosting, you will be provided with a login for your cpanel.

The very first thing you need to do is choose software i.e. WordPress (suggested) and install it after providing all your information!

Login to your and start customising your site.

start successful blog
                                                  START YOUR BLOG, IF YOU HAVEN’T



Start customising your site, first of all you need to download few plugins :

Jetpack (for traffic stats of blog)

Yoast seo (for seo improvements)




Move on to the themes section and add a new theme, any theme that you like!

I prefer to go with the external themes provided by my theme shop

You can grab free themes too from my theme shop


start successful blog
                     MY THEME SHOP

here a thing, if you want to start successful blog, you need to think out the box!

Never waste your time on thinking while starting a new blog, just spend maximum time on it.

  • Permalinks

Go to the setting and change the permalink according !

The article doesn’t end here, these were the very basic steps that needs to be taken to START!

In my next article (continuation), I would be teaching on setting up email and many more things.

thank you for reading, check more at wide blogging


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